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Yellow Sapphire


Yellow Sapphire is widely used as an indispensable gem when wearing gems for astrological purposes .In the same way, Yellow sapphire can be called as a very precious gem with color ranges from golden yellow to pale yellow, belonging to the Corundum family, which is widely used for jewelry all over the world.The yellow color …

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Natural Tiger Eye Gemstones


A Gem of the Silicate family, Tigers Eye Gemstone is a new fashion trend among jewelry lovers in recent times. But it is advisable to wear it with an understanding of the true energies here. If used with proper understanding of the vibrational and chemical energy of this Gem, its energy can be used effectively …

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Blue Sapphire


Blue sapphire is one of the popular and valuable color variety in Corundum family. It has been analyzed through experience and astrologically that by wearing blue sapphire is the most precious gem among the gemstones, there are many hopes that a person can achieve. Blue Sapphire has been the choice of some religious priests, astrologers, …

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_Red coral - Astro gem healing

Red Coral


According to astrology, it is the gem recommended by the sages for the planet Mars. Coral is an animal species belonging to the genus Corallium that exists at the bottom of the ocean. Red coral is a coral skeleton used for jewelry found in a range of colors from red color to pinkish orange color …

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