What Are Gemstones

Gems are stones or selected amorphous materials used for making jewelry or other decorations that have three main characteristics: beauty, rarity and hardness.Amorphous is the animal parts that are not in crystalline form or the gemstones created by biological processes.For example, gems such as pearl, coral, amber, jet, and amelite can be taken.

Over 2500 gemstones are currently found around the world.  But there are several types of gems that are used for jewelry.The reason is due to the weak hardness of some gemstones.Although certain types of gems contain two of the three main characteristics of a gem – beauty and rarity – they are not used for jewelry due to their weakness in hardness and are of low value.

Some buy gems for beauty.Some people use it to show their wealth.Others buy gems as investments.Also, some people use gems to protect themselves from harmful rays.Others use the gem as a medicine because of its healing properties.Somehow, from the past to the present day, the gem industry continues to survive.

When it comes to gems, Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is the main country with a very long history . In the past, Sri Lanka was known as Ratnadeepa because many rare, high value and high quality gems were found in the soil of Sri Lanka.Gem business has also been identified as the oldest trade in the history of Sri lanka. It is also recorded in historical evidence that gems have been exported from Sri Lanka to other countries.

Marcopolo’s notes indicate that in Sri Lanka, the highest grade of Corundum family gems, Topaz, Amethyst and many other types of gems were found.

Also, P. Tolemy mentioned Sri Lanka as the main place where gems of Corundum family and Beryl family are found in the second century.

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