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Red Coral

According to astrology, it is the gem recommended by the sages for the planet Mars. Coral is an animal species belonging to the genus Corallium that exists at the bottom of the ocean. Red coral is a coral skeleton used for jewelry found in a range of colors from red color to pinkish orange color and orange color.

Coral is known as an organic gem in gemology and its chemical composition is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Compared to other inorganic gemstones, their specific gravity is as low as 2.65, and the refraction index is 1.486 – 1.658. Therefore, it can feel low heavy in the hand and does not have a great luster like inorganic gemstones. As there are fake corals processed with calcium carbonate in the market, be sure to purchase from a trusted supplier or with a recognized laboratory test certificate. Although some chemical benefits may be obtained, proper benefits cannot be obtained as the natural energies do not work properly through such a gem when worn for the astrology facts.

Red coral is the gem recommended for Mars. In particular, its prevailing color mainly affects the generation of Mars energy. Also, the chemical energy present here can help heal bone disorders, help blood growth, help develop mental strength, help as a remedy for tuberculosis, digestive tract diseases, heat diseases, help in the growth of relics.

The main thing we need to remember every moment is that our “mind” is the most powerful thing of all. Man uses various tools to make his daily life easier. Also gemstones are a similar type of tool. By properly understanding the color waves, vibration energies and chemical properties present in gems, it can help in maintaining the daily life of Human.

These are like a stair fence on a stair. A stair fence is not necessary for climbing stairs. But, having a stair fence will make climbing the stairs easier. So is using a gemstone. Therefore, without blind devotion, we can use any tool we find in life with understanding.

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