White Sapphire

White Sapphire

The white sapphire is the Gem of the Corundum family of Gemstones that signifies a very special purity. Especially, the main chemical composition of the Corundum family Gem species is known as white sapphire or colourless Corundum.

According to ancient astrology, diamonds and white sapphires are recommended for Venus. Also, white sapphires are used instead of diamonds in the international market. This is due to its high hardness, brightness and purity. Also according to astrology, it belives the vibrational energy within the white sapphire generates the energy of Venus, so it is worn to empower energy fields.

Also, the color present especially in white sapphire helps to stimulate the energy fields of the human spiritual body through waves and vibrational energy, especially the crown chakra.

According to astrology, it is said that Venus being powerful will bring benefits such as wealth, business development, speedy marriage, success in the arts, and a comfortable life.

Especially the thing that any person should understand is that any kind of energy can be created through our mind and the most powerful of all is mind power. Also, there are different energies in the various creations in this universe and they can be used physically for the well-being of man. Gems are a special cosmic creation that contains various energies. In situations where the mind cannot create the energies required for one’s well-being, such physical creations of nature can be used to help the well-being of man. Let us not act out of blind devotion, but live with understanding.

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