Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is widely used as an indispensable gem when wearing gems for astrological purposes .In the same way, Yellow sapphire can be called as a very precious gem with color ranges from golden yellow to pale yellow, belonging to the Corundum family, which is widely used for jewelry all over the world.The yellow color of this gem is due to the presence of iron.

Sri Lanka can be called as one of the best source of fine quality yellow sapphires. It also can be found in Madagascar, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Australia, India, and Africa and etc.

In astrological practice, Yellow sapphire is regularly worn in Sri Lanka and India as the prescribed gem for the planet Jupiter. Crystal healers also prescribe the wearing of Yellow Sapphire for certain illnesses.

Some people can be seen buying Yellow Sapphires for beauty, to show wealth, and also as an investment. When buying as an investment, gems are purchased that are of high quality and can be assumed to increase in future market value. Buying gems for investment purposes is a new trend in recent times.

Due to the color wave energy, chemical healing ability and vibrational energy of the YellowSapphire, various benefits can be obtained by working with the physical body and spiritual body of man in different ways.As the manipura chakra is stimulated by the color wave energy and vibrational energy present in the Yellow Sapphire, it has many benefits such as improvement of mental concentration, reduction of stomach and kidney diseases, ability to think wisely, and proper functioning of the body’s circulatory systems.Also, the chemical healing properties of the Yellow Sapphire help to reduce it in people suffering from iron deficiency. Also, It believes Yellow sapphire is widely used in astrology as it generates the energy of Jupiter through color waves and vibrational energy. Also, the wave energy here helps to protect the physical body and the spiritual body from harmful rays.

The prescriptions of gems have been carefully observed by the ancient sages to see the energy and qualities emanating from the gems, and have been recorded for future generations, and some knowledge is handed down orally from generation to generation.

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