Dark Blue Sapphire

Dark Blue Sapphire

Dark Blue sapphires is the Gem recommended by sages for Saturn in Astrology. Among the Gemstones of the Corundum family, one more unique Gemstone is known as Dark Blue sapphires.

Commonly used in astrology, Dark Blue Sapphire can be called a valuable creation of nature that can be used physically for the well-being of human by stimulating the energy fields in the human body.

Although the Dark Blue Sapphire looks black color to the naked eye, the color inside the gem is Blue. The main chemical composition of Corundum family Gems is aluminum oxide, which is a combination of elements iron and titanium for blue Sapphires. The main factor to be noticed while wearing the Dark Blue Sapphire is the nature that appears in black because of the strength of the blue color. It believes generating the energy of Saturn and stimulates the human nervous system by the chemical energy and wave energy present in this Gem species.

Especially the thing that any person should understand is that any kind of energy can be created through our mind and the most powerful of all is mind power. Also, there are different energies in the various creations in this universe and they can be used physically for the well-being of human. Gems are a special cosmic creation that contains various energies. In situations where the mind cannot create the energies required for one’s well-being, such physical creations of nature can be used to help the well-being of human. Let us not act out of blind devotion, but live with understanding.

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