Why We Should Wear Correct Gemston

Why We Should Wear Correct Gemstone

It is a fact that we know that in ancient times sages had the ability to understand the characteristics, diseases and disorders of a person as soon as they saw them. Sages have mainly used the system of light rays emanating from the human body to perform this analysis. This is a color wave system created by an electromagnetic wave process associated with the human nervous system.

We know that the light rays of the sun consist of seven colors. But in order to see these colors with the naked eye, the sun’s rays must be sent through a prism. Also, rainbows are created by the rays of the sun passing through water vapour, which also makes this spectrum of the sun visible. Just like seeing the colors of the sun, the spiritual mind must be developed to see these colors in the human aura.

As a result of the initial efforts made by scientists like the Russian Simeon Kirillian to detect the aura in recent decades, equipment has been created to examine this light system around the human body. Even for people who are not on a high spiritual mind, it would be very valuable to have such devices designed to test this human aura. Even for people who are not on a high spiritual mind, it would be very valuable to have such devices designed to test this human aura. But according to our experience and ancient knowledge, it must be said that this device does not cover all the energy fields of the light ray system around the human body. For that, the mind must be at a high level spiritually.

Below are the 7 colors that are mainly present in the human aura.

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Light blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Purple

This gathering is present not only for humans but also for animals and even trees and the human aura is unique among these. The human aura is primarily associated with the spiritual body. Likewise, imbalances in the physical body affect the spiritual body, and imbalances in the physical body also affect the energy fields in the human aura. Therefore, the interrelationship between the spiritual body and the physical body can be understood very clearly.

The seven points in the physical body that emit these streams of light should be talked about mainly. The 7 junctions where the main life of a human being rests are known as “Sapta Chakras”. These streams of light are combined separately through the locations of these seven chakras and are present throughout the body.

Those chakras and their corresponding colors are shown below.

  1. Red ➡️ MULADHARA ➡️ ROOT ➡️ Pereneum
  2. Orange ➡️ SVADHISTHANA ➡️ SACRAL ➡️ Sacrum
  3. Yellow ➡️ MANIPURA ➡️ SOLAR PLEXUS ➡️ Above the navel
  4. Green ➡️ ANAHATHA ➡️ HEART ➡️ middle of the chest
  5. Light blue ➡️ VISHUDDHA ➡️ THROAT ➡️ back of the neck throat
  6. Indigo ➡️ AJNA ➡️ THIRD EYE ➡️ Between the eyes
  7. Purple ➡️ SAHASRA ➡️ CROWN ➡️ Top of the head

Here, when these chakras are weak, they affect the physical body and the spiritual mind accordingly, and the human aura can be empowered to strengthen the chakras. Various meditation methods, yoga, sound wave science practices, gem use, spiritual religious activities, light science practices can be used for that. Also, there are uses in combination of the various methods mentioned above. For example, the use of suitable gems for meditation can be mentioned.

Here we must remember that although various methods can be used to stimulate the chakras, the main factor affecting the perfect phasing of the seven chakras is your spiritual development.The best activity for that is meditation. However, I request that people who have not practiced meditation in their previous incarnations or who have not practiced meditation to awaken the chakras, should do those meditations under the instructions of a proper guru.

You will get some understanding about human aura and chakras on the above points. The weakening of the human aura first affects the mind and through that affects the physical body as well.For example, when you have negative feelings like hatred and jealousy, the green color of the aura related to your heart chakra shows weakly. It is a psychological effect.Also, if there is an illness related to your heart, the green color of the human aura will show weakly in relation to your heart chakra. It is a physical effect. So now it will be clear to you that if the human aura can be stimulated, it will help with these mental and physical ailments or problems.

Various Gemstones that can stimulate the human aura have been used since ancient times to reduce and prevent illnesses or mental conditions caused by the weakening of the human aura. Ancient sages have mentioned them in astrology as well as in Ayurvedic medicine. Also nowadays people tend to use gems to stimulate their aura while using gems for various purposes. But some people use this matter for negative marketing activities and some people do it with utmost good faith. Stay tuned for future articles on the use of Gemstones to stimulate the human aura.

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